What’s a… WaterCop?

A WaterCop is an automatic water shut-off valve system will provide your home with round-the-clock indoor flood protection and works with wired and wireless flood sensors, wall switches, and most home security and home

Flood in the home

A WaterCop could protect your home from horrific water damage like this

automation systems.
WaterCop offers homeowners many benefits:

* Added property protection
* Potential insurance savings (discounts or credits)
* Integration with home security & automation systems
* Protects 24 hours a day while you are home or away
* Conserves water
* Peace of mind

Now more than ever you need this home flood protection.

Maintain a smarter home…install a WaterCop today!

Water Loss Mitigation Devices

Water damage can occur almost anywhere in your home. Frozen water lines, as well as water-bearing appliances and fixtures such as refrigerators with icemakers, dishwashers, washing machines, toilets and water heaters, are common sources of leaks. The increasing number of these sources in today’s homes is causing an increasing trend in water damage.

Water Damage in a Ceiling

Water damage like this can cost a homeowner much more than preventative measures

Unfortunately, slow leaks from these appliances and fixtures are often impossible to see until it is too late. If a leak goes undetected, it can lead to rotting in the house frame and subfloors, and can be a pre-cursor to a catastrophic leak that releases several hundred gallons of water. Water loss mitigation devices may help prevent these problems, while also saving you money on your homeowners insurance premium.

Boston Plumbing Company’s David Elman offers expert insights on frozen pipes: Interview with 7 News WHDH.com

NEWTON, Mass. — The cold temperatures on Monday could mean problems in your home, and one of the biggest – frozen pipes.

The subfreezing temperatures have put one bathroom out of commission in Newton.

“The pipe to the bathtub is frozen, and the drain, so it’s not working,” said the homeowner. “No bathtub. No shower.”

David Elman of Baker-Elman Plumbing says he’s been responding to multiple frozen pipe calls all day long.

“No heat. No water – just typical cold weather related issues,” said Elman. “All because of frozen pipes.”

Elman says this particular pipe froze because it was in an uninsulated part of the house over the garage. He says to help prevent frozen pipes, you can insulate the pipe or the area around it, run a faucet connected to the pipe, and for houses with hot water heat, don’t turn the thermostat down at night.

“Keep it at one temperature through the cold weather because the water will circulate more often and won’t freeze,” said Elman.

But Elman says frozen pipes can’t always be prevented.

“Pray for warm weather would be the only way. In some houses there’s no way to prevent it,” said Elman.

Elman says there is one other thing homeowners can do. If the frozen pipe is inside a cabinet, he suggests that you open the cabinet doors to expose that pipe to warmer air.

Click HERE for a complete footage of the video interview with David Elman.

The Advantages of Grab Bar Installation in Your Home

Grab bars are bars that you install in your shower or bathtub to help you move around. You can find them readily in

Bathroom grab bar

A grab bar like this one can improve the safety of your bathroom

handicapped bathroom stalls, bathtubs, clinics, and hospitals. There are several advantages of getting a few of these installed in your home. For one, it will help you safely move around your bathroom, as getting in and out of the shower can sometimes be a hassle. If you have weak knees, they will take some of the pressure off of rising from the commode. If you simply need something to lean on, these grab bars will provide just that, and best of all, they can go just about anywhere where there is a wall to hang them on.

As a body gets older, it starts to slow down and move a little differently. This can make it so difficult to get in and out of a shower. With a grab bar, this is made simple once again. Since you can put them anywhere in the shower, you can have something to hang on to at waist height, or at standing level–you have an aide to step out. If bathe in the bathtub versus standing for long periods in the shower, having one at the tub level to push or pull yourself up on is ideal and with the two hundred and fifty pound weight capacity you can pretty much ensure that you can lean as heavily as you like without compromising safety.

Elderly bathroom saftey

Elderly bathroom safety is no question with the addition of grab bars in your bathroom

Grab bars are especially vital if you have elderly parents or relative living with you.     They provide the extra support needed to lift themselves from the toilet which is much safer than placing their hands on the slippery tiles. It is also very useful for those who are handicapped as well.

If getting out of the shower isn’t a problem, perhaps your body has trouble rising from a sitting position on the toilet. If you install one or two bars on each side, the problem is eliminated. Don’t worry – grab bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can fit them in even the tightest spaces, or even in front your toilet so that you can grab onto it and pull yourself up. Grab bars are peened, which makes them a little rough so that there is less chance for your hands to slip.

Grab bars are an essential part to the safety of an elderly or disabled person who wants to stay at home. These items are made so that people can move around safely in an environment that can be quite dangerous for anyone. Children can also benefit for the bars when standing in a tub so that they don’t slip as well.



At Baker Elman Plumbing, we are conscious of the needs of the elderly and handicapped. We offer a wide range of grab bars and hand held shower systems that are easy to install and maintain. Work with us and achieve the goal of making your bathroom, and home, a safer place.

For more information about grab bars and handheld shower systems, call us at 617.244.6500 or visit us online.

Leland Clarke 2/16/2010

Thank you so very much for all of your help and support. We have been very pleased with your work in the past and that is why we used your services again. Thanks so much for your professionalism in helping to bring “heat” to our second floor at 9 Fawn Circle.

Peter 5/15/12

The plumber (David)  cleared a drain by opening a trap and snaking it clear.  Not as easy or routine as it sounds.  Over a period of a few years we have had at least 5 plumbers try to clear that same bathtub and sink trap in our upstairs bathroom.  They have all said they could not open the trap because it would break, was unopenable for some other reason (like it was made of lead), we would have to install new pipe around it.  So the plumber David from  Baker Elman is a hero to us.  We will call them again.

Shelia 5/29/12

Remodeled bedroom to first floor laundry:  Installed plumbing for washer.  Installed electric outlet for dryer.  Installed outside vent for dryer.  Moved washer/dryer from basement to first floor. Superior work, very professional, courteous and respectful.  Estimate matched actual cost.

Dawn from Angies List

I used Baker -Elman Plumbing.  They replaced a toilet, fixed a faucet, and took out the ice maker in the freezer. They also repaired another faucet after I got the part.  They were wonderful!  They were very responsive about the toilet.  I was trying to order it, and they took great care to make sure I ordered the correct one. The price was good.  They are my new plumbers!