Winterize now and avoid hassle later

House covered in snow

New England winters can roll in without notice, but don’t let your outdoor plumbing get                                            stuck out in the cold! This October, take a look in your backyard and consider what needs to be winterized. If you have a cabana out by the pool it needs to have the lines blown out and non-toxic anti-freeze added to the drain traps to prevent pipes from freezing. Nothing can be worse than coming to the pool cabana in the spring to find that a pipe had frozen and burst in the winter!

              Outside sillcocks (also known as spigots) need to be winterized as well.  It’s a good idea to take a walk around your yard and see how many sillcocks your home has, and prepare to have them shut down so they don’t crack as the weather gets cold.

              Winterizing is a proactive way to ensure the lifetime of your home equipment and avoid a potential homeowners catastrophe. Call Baker Elman today and make an appointment to prepare your home.

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