The water heater of the future…and the future is now!

Home ownership today is all about sustainable maintence. Installing a product that will save you money and is envionrmnetally friendly is an obvious choice for most consumers. The Eternal hybrid tankless water heater offers you both of those advantages for your water heater needs. Combining higher efficiency with lower energy use makes the Eternal hybrid water heater a product that Baker Elman loves to see customers interested in. Using different technology than a traditional water heater allows the Eternal hybrid tankless water heater to function efficiently and avoid the “cold water sandwich” that other tankless water heaters can cause.

In Eternal’s Counter Flow design, cold water enters from the bottom up as a way of self cleaning the sedimentation, while heat is pushed through 44 radiating transfer pipes.

The Eternal Condensing Hybrid’s innovative 3 cycle process pushes heat in 3 directions through the water and maximizes energy transfer. In simplest terms, our patent slows the exhaust of heat by reusing the energy multiple times, rather than reducing water pressure.

The end result is a small heat exchanger that is capable of replacing multiple tanks, while supplying endless hot water with consistent water pressure and doing it efficiently time after time.

From October 1st 2012 until December 31st, 2012 Eternal is offering a $100.00 cash rebate on their GU100 model. Eternal Hybrid Water Heaters have a $100.00 cash rebate for GU100 purchased from Oct 1-Dec 31 2012

With the Eternal water heater there is no more cold shower for the last one up in the morning. Call Baker Elman today to set up an appointment to evaluate your home for an Eternal water heater. We’d love to help you save money and energy in your home!

Plumbing nightmares avoided…

Floodmaster Unit

A floodmaster like this can prevent water damage in your home

Your worst plumbing nightmare: After finally succumbing to the alarm clock, you get up and go to take a shower. There is no hot water. As you walk down into the basement, your slippers start to get waterlogged– your basement is flooded! A small leak in your water heater has turned into a flood. After leaking all night while you slept, the basement is covered in water and everything stored down there is wet.

              Want to avoid this nightmare turning into a reality? Consider a Floodmaster for your water heater. These are units that will automatically stop the feed of water to your water heater if they detect a leak. This could mean the difference between a small puddle of water when a water heater leaks or a full on flood. This type of unit is also available for washing machines, and Baker Elman can help you with your decision to explore either one (or both!) of these products.

What’s a… WaterCop?

A WaterCop is an automatic water shut-off valve system will provide your home with round-the-clock indoor flood protection and works with wired and wireless flood sensors, wall switches, and most home security and home

Flood in the home

A WaterCop could protect your home from horrific water damage like this

automation systems.
WaterCop offers homeowners many benefits:

* Added property protection
* Potential insurance savings (discounts or credits)
* Integration with home security & automation systems
* Protects 24 hours a day while you are home or away
* Conserves water
* Peace of mind

Now more than ever you need this home flood protection.

Maintain a smarter home…install a WaterCop today!

The Advantages of Grab Bar Installation in Your Home

Grab bars are bars that you install in your shower or bathtub to help you move around. You can find them readily in

Bathroom grab bar

A grab bar like this one can improve the safety of your bathroom

handicapped bathroom stalls, bathtubs, clinics, and hospitals. There are several advantages of getting a few of these installed in your home. For one, it will help you safely move around your bathroom, as getting in and out of the shower can sometimes be a hassle. If you have weak knees, they will take some of the pressure off of rising from the commode. If you simply need something to lean on, these grab bars will provide just that, and best of all, they can go just about anywhere where there is a wall to hang them on.

As a body gets older, it starts to slow down and move a little differently. This can make it so difficult to get in and out of a shower. With a grab bar, this is made simple once again. Since you can put them anywhere in the shower, you can have something to hang on to at waist height, or at standing level–you have an aide to step out. If bathe in the bathtub versus standing for long periods in the shower, having one at the tub level to push or pull yourself up on is ideal and with the two hundred and fifty pound weight capacity you can pretty much ensure that you can lean as heavily as you like without compromising safety.

Elderly bathroom saftey

Elderly bathroom safety is no question with the addition of grab bars in your bathroom

Grab bars are especially vital if you have elderly parents or relative living with you.     They provide the extra support needed to lift themselves from the toilet which is much safer than placing their hands on the slippery tiles. It is also very useful for those who are handicapped as well.

If getting out of the shower isn’t a problem, perhaps your body has trouble rising from a sitting position on the toilet. If you install one or two bars on each side, the problem is eliminated. Don’t worry – grab bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can fit them in even the tightest spaces, or even in front your toilet so that you can grab onto it and pull yourself up. Grab bars are peened, which makes them a little rough so that there is less chance for your hands to slip.

Grab bars are an essential part to the safety of an elderly or disabled person who wants to stay at home. These items are made so that people can move around safely in an environment that can be quite dangerous for anyone. Children can also benefit for the bars when standing in a tub so that they don’t slip as well.



At Baker Elman Plumbing, we are conscious of the needs of the elderly and handicapped. We offer a wide range of grab bars and hand held shower systems that are easy to install and maintain. Work with us and achieve the goal of making your bathroom, and home, a safer place.

For more information about grab bars and handheld shower systems, call us at 617.244.6500 or visit us online.